Sales Coaching and Sales Training Melbourne

MJH Group offers a hands-on approach to sales training in Melbourne, through effective management and coaching.

Ongoing Coaching and Training

Effective learning takes place over time. The sales increases that we deliver demonstrate that the best results are achieved when coaching and training is provided on an ongoing basis and tailored to the needs of the individual. This type of coaching and training provides the opportunity to change sales behaviours and make your team more effective.

Individualised Methods

Sales Coaching involves working with individuals and helping to remove the barriers that prevent them from achieving their best results. We believe strongly in action-based measurement so we conduct regular analysis of sales activities and sales pipelines. We couple this analysis with one on one coaching to manage each individual’s progress and improve performance.

Our hands-on management and coaching approach provides Sales Training in Melbourne on each of the key areas that improve sales performance.

We improve sales performance with sales coaching and training that includes:

  • Planning and organisation

  • Customer approach

  • Appointment making

  • Presentation skills

We regularly join sales people in business development meetings to provide feedback and guidance and to demonstrate how they can be more effective with both existing customers and new prospects.

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