Sales Planning and Strategy

Effective sales planning and strategy is key to the growth of your business. MJH Group offers expertise to help your sales team produce optimal performance.

A Strategic Sales Plan is Necessary for Success

In many organisations sales teams and sales territories have evolved over time without the benefit of a strategic sales plan.

Help Your Sales Team Work Smarter

Without the right people and the right structure in place, even the most dedicated and hard working team are likely to miss opportunities and not generate the desired results.

MJH Group has the expertise to ensure your sales structure, sales approach and sales team is working as efficiently and effective as possible.

To do this we review and address the key areas that effect performance including:

  • Sales Channels
  • Sales Budgets
  • Territory Plans
  • Target Markets
  • Sales Team Structure
  • Sales Skills
  • Sales Resources
  • Reporting Tools
  • Incentive Programs
  • Marketing Support

MJH Delivers Positive Sales Planning and Strategy

We then deliver a sales plan for your business that removes the barriers to success and creates a positive and supportive environment where good sales people shine and poor sales performers can’t hide.

Sales Strategy and Plans for both Existing and Future Sales Teams

We work with companies that need help with an existing team as well as those wishing to build and grow their sales team along with their business.

Ongoing Support

Once the new sales strategy and plan are in place we are then able to work as your Outsourced Sales Manager to ensure the plan becomes reality.