Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plans

At MJH Group, we take the time to develop detailed, customised marketing strategy and marketing plans for the best potential outcome for your business.

Whole Business Approach

We take a “whole-business” approach to marketing. This means that we take a more stringent commercially based approach to developing a marketing strategy than a typical marketing plan. This approach enables us to examine all business areas thoroughly and match your capabilities to the best growth opportunities for your business in the market place.

Create a Marketing Strategy That Defines Your offer

We write the future story of your business by clearly defining your offer and path to growth. We set out the plan to reach customers and secure sales and growth by communicating the offer to customers in a compelling way.

Our Marketing Strategies and Plans are the roadmap for the successful growth of your business.

Professional Marketing Advice Delivers Results

There are times when it is wise to seek the advice of those more experienced and knowledgeable than yourself. With MJH Group, we can offer professional advice and proven marketing strategies to increase your profit.

MJH Group’s Marketing Strategy provides your business with:

  • An accurate review and assessment
  • Areas for improvement
  • Opportunities for business growth
  • Strategies to increase sales and grow market share
  • A clear plan and direction
  • A documented path to business success

Marketing Strategy

MJH Group provides two core options for the development of a Marketing Strategy:

Existing Business

For already existing businesses, your needs for a marketing strategy will depend on both past and performance, assessed together with your future goals.

Marketing Audit and Strategy

This is a comprehensive appraisal of your existing situation and the development of a plan that examines all of the elements of your current business and your Sales and Marketing program and provides a Marketing Strategy for the next phase of growth.

New Product and Start-Ups

When introducing a new product, or starting a new business altogether, the variables to consider when crafting a marketing strategy differ from established norms.

Commercialisation and Marketing Strategy

The Commercialisation and Marketing Strategy takes into account the factors likely to affect your new product or venture and creates a strategy for the commercial composition of the offer and the effective positioning, launch, marketing and the ongoing success of the business.

Ongoing Support and Marketing Management

Once we have completed your Marketing Strategy, we are also able to assist with your ongoing Marketing Management to implement the program.

For clients that need both Sales and Marketing Support, we are also able to assist with the development and implementation of a Sales Strategy and Sales and Marketing Program by assigning you an experienced Sales Manager as well as a Marketing Manager.