Effective Social Media for ROI

We are often asked how does social media fit in with the rest of the data a company has available. Should it be looked at on its own or as part of the broader business?

Social media data needs to be integrated because you need to know whether the activities in social media are having an impact elsewhere in the business?

Clear Objectives

You can’t measure the success of social media if you haven’t set the right objectives.

In the beginning, you may wish to focus on brand awareness and getting people to talk about your brand and like your business or service. This phase is about building up advocacy and trust.

You may then wish to drive traffic to your website to sell products or services. Building up trust first will ensure you have a better chance of success.

Content Plan

Once you understand your objectives you then need to develop a content plan to achieve those objectives. This plan takes into account key events in the calendar that are relevant to your business or service.

You may decide to have a number of Facebooks posts in a particular week or tweets on twitter. The shelf life of a tweet is only 8 minutes so you will need to plan for multiple tweets.

This document can be as simple as excel but if you make this a google docs document then key people across the business can also update with suggestions and information to share.

Social Media Channels

It is important to consider the channels you use and are you using the right ones to meet your audience. A younger audience will use different platforms than an older audience. If your goal is to drive traffic to your website then using instagram is not suitable as it doesn’t include links.


You need to also consider the best time to make your content available. There are numerous tools available to help with scheduling items like posts and tweets.


You can then look at the analytics tools and evaluate are the objectives being met or not. You might find Facebook is doing its job but the efforts you are making on Pinterest or Twitter are not working or vice versa.

You can then look at the reasons why. Are you posting or pinning at the wrong time? Is the content wording correct?

With Facebook, you may wish to look at fans and total reach. You might also want to know how much people are engaging with your content and how loyal they are. You might want to listen to their experience as a customer.

Along the way, you may discover you are meeting other objectives and need to change your focus.

Be Authentic

Be authentic and true to your brand. It is important to establish a clear brand at the outset and then ensure that your social media activities are in line with this and not working against it.

The plethora of analytic tools can be overwhelming but by focusing on clear objectives at the outset, you won’t get lost in data but instead will understand what the right channels are for your business.

Social media is changing all the time with new channels and new updates. It’s a dynamic space and if it is part of your strategy it needs to have continued focus.

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