Marketing Results

We help businesses increase their sales, improve profits, reduce their Sales and Marketing costs and build their customer base.    Click here to read a selection of client testimonials.

Increased Sales and Profits

  • Increased Sales and Profits through effective Sales and Marketing

Confidence from a Strategic Approach

  • Valuable insight and direction provided by our strategic recommendations
  • Provision of a documented Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan that acts as the blue print for the future success of your business
  • A clearly planned and structured approach to Marketing success means that you can proceed with confidence
  • As an outsourced Marketing Manager, MJH Group works as an integral part of your business to deliver measurable bottom line results for your business.

More Effective Marketing Campaigns and Activity

  • Effective communication of your brand, your business and your offer
  • Generate awareness in the market through Marketing to achieve:
    • New customer acquisition
    • A greater share of spend from existing customers
    • Increased sales and business growth
    • Putting your Marketing spend to best use
    • Benchmarking results against KPIs sees us consistently achieve higher returns from marketing activity than industry averages

Direct Bottom Line Savings

  • Direct Bottom Line Savings due to effective Marketing Management
  • Measuring the ROI of promotions and campaigns to determine effectiveness
  • Customer focus reducing the risk of ineffective promotion and campaigns
  • Redirection of the Marketing investment into areas with the greatest return

Marketing and Commercialisation Experience

  • We are experienced consultants with Marketing and Commercialisation expertise
  • The experienced Senior Consultant you meet initially will continue to work with you as an integral part of your team

Peace of Mind

  • Experienced MJH Group Marketing professionals give you peace of mind that the marketing program is taken care of giving you one less thing to worry about
  • MJH Group is transparent in our selection of clients to ensure no conflict of interest during engagements
  • We are dedicated to the growth and development of your business


  • Effective communication via regular meetings and easy to follow project plans to ensure you are kept informed and up to date on the progress of activities throughout the life of the program