Outsourced Marketing Agency Melbourne

MJH Group serves as a premier outsourced marketing agency for Melbourne companies. We provide ongoing Marketing advice and support by taking the role of an Outsourced Marketing Manager and being responsible for the successful delivery of your Marketing Program.

An Experienced Marketing Team

We can provide a complete Marketing department for your business or work with an existing team to provide advice, direction and support. We tailor our services to suit the individual needs of your business and integrate seamlessly into your organisation.

Save time and resources

Launching and implementing a marketing strategy takes up valuable time and energy. With outsourced help, you only pay for the time you actually need. Plus, you’ll get the benefit of an experienced Marketing Manager for a fraction of the cost of a full time resource. Your money will be well spent on a valuable and efficient resource.

Our Marketing expertise has been developed in senior roles in leading companies in the commercial sector and in our current roles consulting to a range of companies across all industry verticals.


The Importance of Communication

Effective communication via regular meetings, email and phone support and easy to follow project plans ensure you are kept informed throughout the program. Our marketing team works tirelessly to ensure that your company’s individual needs are being met.

A Partner You Can Rely On

We work on a retained basis providing hands on support to develop and implement the Marketing Strategy and program.  As your Marketing Manager we will apply our strategic business and Marketing expertise to grow your business.