Social Media Marketing Guidelines

Social media platforms, websites and EDM’s provide the opportunity to interact with customers, stakeholders, prospects and the broader community. These guidelines provide some general information and parameters to be mindful of when using social media for marketing purposes.

Benefits of Digital Marketing & Social Media Objectives

  • Create profile & establish a market position
  • Provide a community interaction point
  • Encourage positive community participation
  • Provide a timely response to queries
  • Provide regular news and updates
  • Cover off any negative comments promptly and without escalating the situation
  • Cost effective
  • Results and performance can be tracked and measured
  • Drive engagement and sales

Images & Video Content

  • Images and video content should be of a professional quality unless you have a specific market position that requires naïve content

Language and Tone

  • The tone is to be generally positive and upbeat (and concerned if required)
  • Responses should be polite and addressed to the person asking the question

Responding to Questions

  • Specific questions require a specific response
  • They need to be crafted to the question and not “robotic”
  • When a question is posted, the social media coordinator will respond or check with the appropriate person/chase up the answer and then respond
  • Given it might take a little while to come back to someone, it’s OK to post – “Hi ____ – Saw the post so just checking on that for you” or something similar
  • Address the post to the person who has asked the question except if they have a silly username

Responding to Complaints

  • Complaints require a certain finesse to ensure that they do not frustrate or escalate the problem
  • They need to be crafted and come from a “real person”
  • The business should have a process in place to escalate potentially difficult complaints to management as required
  • When a complaint is posted, try to take action (within reason) to address it – for example a complaint about rubbish/playgrounds/maintenance/etc can be handled with – “I’m sorry to hear that – the maintenance contractors that we employ are responsible for keeping the playgrounds tidy/mowing the lawns/etc and we’ve spoken to them today to pass on your concern”
  • Remember to close the loop where appropriate – “Just to give you an update on this, we’ve heard back from XXX and they’ll be on site tomorrow to take care of it”
  • Questions or complaints relating to other parties need to be noted and passed on – providing whatever relevant information is available
  • Some matters such as vandalism, violence and antisocial behaviour may be referred to the police – “Thanks for bringing this to our attention – we’ve referred this onto the police”

Posting Information

  • Stay on topic – posts should be relevant to the audience
  • Post general updates such as;
    • New product releases
    • Competitions
    • Special offers
  • Comment on events, activities and seasons;
    • A local farmers market
    • Melbourne Cup/Grand Final celebrations
    • Start of spring/summer
    • Seasonal recipes
  • Share news;
    • We’ve been nominated for an award
    • A sporting team we sponsor has achieved “X”
  • Post items of community interest;
    • Local sporting clubs & activities
    • Local school fete
    • Achievements
  • Avoid;
    • The “generic” brain teaser type posts
    • Political commentary
    • Humour
    • Generic pics of “cute” animals or children
    • Anything that would be seen as being in poor taste

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