Effective Consumer Marketing, Consistent Messages and Communication

Staying “on message” and providing clear and consistent communication is critical. This has never been more important than now with the rise of social media and the proliferation of marketing platforms and options.

It is therefore important to maintain consistent brand and campaign messages across all platforms from traditional media like press, TV, billboards, brochures, and radio through to websites, online platforms, and social media.

Don’t Confuse the Customer

Effective consumer marketing must acknowledge that although there are many opportunities in the market for a customer to receive the messages, it is difficult to control exactly which messages the customer will receive and in which order.

Marketing Managers must therefore have effective control systems in place in order to maintain consistent messaging throughout the marketing cycle and the decision making process.

Protect the Brand

Clear and consistent messaging that maintains the core principles and properties of the brand will ensure that customers understand the core brand message – this protects the long term integrity of the brand and the business.

Guiding Principle for Effective Marketing

One of the key guiding principles for consumer marketing is to focus on one campaign and one message for each market at one time. It is possible to have multiple campaigns running in parallel, however they all must point to or communicate a consistent message.

How Long is Too Long?

The life of a message or a campaign depends on a number of factors. In some markets (like fast food) a month may be sufficient while in others (such as the building industry) it may not be sensible to try to communicate more than one key message in a 12 month period.

To decide how long a message needs to be in the market to be effective, Marketing Managers need to take into account;


  • The length of the sales cycle
  • The fragmentation of the market
  • The degree of clutter that the message needs to cut through
  • The available budget and the frequency of the advertising
  • The uniqueness of the message
  • How easy the message is to understand

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