The Changing Nature of B2B Marketing

The B2B, Business to Business, marketing environment continues to evolve with many of these changes having implications for companies wishing to sell to business clients.

Below are some of the key changes to consider –

• Improvements in technology means that companies now have the ability to break down the silos of data to allow Sales & Marketing professionals to perform better. Not limited to transactional data, this now includes interaction and customer information.

• Companies now have the opportunity to provide content that an individual wants to see when they wish to see it rather than receive information that is not relevant for now. Do this from the start when developing relaionships, all the way through to the conversion process.

• A large part of the buying process often takes place before a business makes a sales call. This has resulted in a shift of power from sellers to buyers.

• B2B decisions are being made by committee more than ever. C level decision makers have always been important but are now more than ever.

• Search behaviour is more intense. People are completing more searches when they are researching a new product or service but then this is narrowed down to only a couple of companies. Companies need to revise their search strategy to take this into account.

• Because buyers are researching in multi-channels, companies need to ensure they have a multi-channel presence. This includes website content, social media, case studies and videos. It has never been more important to have quality material about your product or service available. Investment in brand awareness is also essential.

• Customers expect excellence. They compare their experiences in personal lives to business lives. A great customer experience is important as opposed to just selling to them.

• B2B Buyers are getting younger. There has been a noticeable shift in people aged in the 18-34 year old bracket.

• Get personal. It is important to understand the buyer as a person and develop a relationship with them as a person. Look at the entire organisation and where there are opportunities to develop relationships. Tools such as LinkedIn can be helpful with this.

• Sales and Marketing need to work closely, espeically at the beginning of the discovery process. They must appear seamless to the buyer.

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